Datum: 20.10.2019

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"Dumbest play call in the HISTORY of NFL football," tweeted former 49ers receiver Dwight Clark, who made a pretty good grab himself: The Catch.
And she smiled a lot in defiance of the disease that was slowly sapping her of life. Her teammates remembered that smile on Friday.
The personal foul gave the Colts a first down and allowed Indy to chew up the clock. Talib was summoned to the sideline, where Manning waited for his Hail Mary of a chance.
"Since we purchased the Buffalo Bills last October, we have been highly impressed with the business acumen that Russ has shown with the Bills," the Pegulas said in a statement released by the team. "Now is an appropriate time to give him additional responsibilities with the Sabres."
"I thought last year when he came back to (training) camp, he had the right attitude, was working hard, really doing a good job taking coach, and then, unfortunately, he got hurt," Packers defensive line coach Mike Trgovac said.

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